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You know my biggest problem at the moment?

No, it's not that I'm in the middle of my final exams, because that is actually quite relaxing. Believe it or not. I always have a few free days for learning (but I don't learn much) and then a six-hours-exam. That doesn't bother me much and isn't at all as stressful as I feared.

No, my biggest problem is that I've finished reading the Raised by Wolves book series and now I have the strong urge to make fanvideos about it. Yeah, I am a crazy vidder, I know. Problem is: There is absolutely no video or other visual material about it! Absolutely nothing! Zero! Nada!

Of course I could try to use clips from some pirate movies, but I guess you can imagine how hard it is to find movies that don't feature the "normal" stereotypical pirates, but buccaneers, and these buccaneers should be gay, and the should look like Will and Gaston - and of course like all the other characters. I think it's impossible to find a movie like that.

But now I'm searching the depths of Youtube and Google to find and save anything that might be useful for a video. Call me crazy, because I really am crazy. And someday, I'll be crazy enough to make my video - about a fandom that has no visual material. That will be a crazy video, trust me.

Other than that - I want a fifth book!!! Why are there only four?! *sob sob sniff*