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#100 Things That Make Me Happy

So apparently there's a tag floating around the internet and when you're tagged, you need to write down 100 things that make you happy. I wasn't tagged but I decided to play along anyways! We need to focus more on the positive things in life, right? :D
So without further ado...

[100 Things That Make Me Happy]
My Boyfriend
My Family
My Best Friends
Standard Dancing
Latin Dancing
Purring Cats
Duck Couples
Clumsy Penguins
Untouched Nature
Awesome Action Movie Scenes
Awesome Soft Porn Scenes
Porn in general
Awesome Fandoms (FAKE, Harry Potter, Avatar, ...)
Perfectly Fitting Bras
Matching Underwear
Freshly shaved legs
Good hair days
Tight, Never Ending Hugs
Sex (duh)
Eskimo Kisses
Kisses in general
Perfect Nail Polish
Making Lists
Summer Heat
Wearing Pretty Clothes
Riding my bicycle down a hill at full speed
A Perfectly Round, Golden Pancake
Anything with Cinnamon
Christmas Sweets
Wrapping Presents
Unwrapping Presents
Gay Pride Parades
Travelling And Exploring
Laughing about dumb jokes
Talking All Night
Driving at full speed on an empty highway
Costume Partys
Vanilla Scent
Apple Pie
Christmas Spirit
The First Snow Of The Year
The First Glimpse of the Ocean when walking down a Beach
Being Completely Engulfed By A Book
Being „in the flow“ while writing
Asian Food
Mediterranean Food
Walking Barefoot
Running and chasing each other like children
Snowball Fights
Waking up in his arms
Editing a really good video
Loud Music
Childhood Memories
Funny Old Photos
Old Toys
New Toys *wink*
Going To The Cinema
Sleeping in
Having cleaned and tidied up my room (not the process of doing it)
Being Early For Work
Unexpectantly getting to leave a few hours early
Nice Customers
Lazy Sundays
Really thick, warm socks
Sleeping Naked
The First Flowers In Spring
Making People Laugh
Being on the same wave length with someone
Projects that I put all my heart into
Learning something new
The smell of sunscreen
Feeling inspired
Finding the perfect pair of shoes
The Full Moon
Good Parodies
Being alone at home every once in a while
Freshly brewed tea
Getting Rid Of Old Stuff
Taking A Really Good Selfie
Playing The Sims
Lighting Candles
The internet and all the oppertunities it offers us
My internet friends!

And I tag... Everyone! Because it's fun and I think every person should have such a list! :D