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Thoughts On FAKE #2

Long time no see!
It's been a while since I've been active here, so without further babbling, here's my next installment of "Things I noticed about FAKE that I thought would maybe be interesting for other obsessed fangirls". Or the short title:

[Thoughts On FAKE #2]I love how the story reverses so many clichees that you find in other stories. For example, gay characters (especially couples) ALWAYS seem to get the short end of the stick in any other story. And they often die tragically. The same goes for other minorities like mixed race couples or characters who are anything else but white. In contrast, the white characters are the main heroes and the most important couples who, of course, get a happy ending.
But not here!

Gay couple: Happy ending
Can I kiss youMixed race couple: Happy ending
GrinWhite straight couple: Unrequited love (not counting LLL)
Alicia with gunWhite straight couple: Tragic love story

It's so ironic, I'm wondering if Sanami Matoh did it on purpose.