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1. Finishing my original story.
2. Same here.
3. Lol



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Jan. 3rd, 2015 09:56 pm (UTC)
Me too!
My only new years resolution is finishing my original M/M Regency historical novel. I want to do it in the first half of the year, too. I'm at 20 chapters and about 90K words.
Jan. 3rd, 2015 11:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Me too!
Wow, that's a lot! I'm writing my 30th chapter right now, and I think I'm at 140k words. And it still feels like the real story has just started ;_; But I always enjoy stories with a long introduction phase myself, so that's maybe not a bad thing.

How much more do you think you have to write? And how do you make time for writing? Since I'm working until 7pm, I'm always too exhausted to write in the evening, but my work doesn't start until 9:30am so theoretically I have more time to write in the morning. A week or so ago, I changed my daily schedule and I'm now getting up one hour earlier than usual to write for an hour before going to work. Of course, I'm not writing a lot in that time, but it's better than nothing. So all in all, my new strategy works well so far and I really hope I will finally finish this beast of a book in 2015!

I'm so excited for your novel! Will you post a chapter or two on LJ, too?
Jan. 4th, 2015 12:19 am (UTC)
Re: Me too!
Thank you for being excited for my novel! I'm excited too. I'm impatient for it to be finished. I see it all so clearly in my head but the actual writing takes time, as I'm sure you know from your own experience as a writer.

I'm a little bit concerned about the length, to tell you the truth. This is going to be a big, meaty book. But on the other hand, that's the kind of book I like to read, so it makes sense that that's what I gravitate toward in my writing.

I think I've got about one third to go, but it may be only halfway through. I hope not.

I find writing time now because I have started saying no to business and clients, which is something I can do because I'm self-employed. I'm still going to go through busy patches however, and I won't be able to write during those times. But I don't ever want to be as busy and pressured again as I was in 2014. And I'm not going to allow my business to crush my dream of being a writer, which is what was happening.

Another way I make time for writing is to give up other things. For example, I don't watch TV most of the time. TV is great, but it's a real eater of writing time! I'm also not active on social media. I find it distracting and time-consuming. Finally I 'write' in my head when I'm commuting on my bike or walking to the grocery store or lying in the bath. I consider various ways to structure or improve scenes. I have also banned myself (for now) from certain addictive online games which make hours of my life fly by with nothing to show for it. Writing is a lifestyle choice, and although I definitely do not have a talent for time management, I try to keep myself on track.

When I'm closer to the end of my novel I'll probably post a chapter or two on my LJ. But I've been writing this book since 2012, and I'm scared something is going to happen again to stop me or slow me down considerably. I need to feel like I'm in the home stretch before I start trying to generate interest about it.

Yes, writing for one hour in the morning is better than nothing, especially if you already know how a scene is going to go and you can just write it instead of spending the whole hour thinking about it. When that happens, I find it so frustrating! But eventually all the thinking crystallizes and then the words flow, even if you only have 15 minutes. Just don't give up! Best of luck to both of us for completing our books in 2015.

Jan. 12th, 2015 09:48 pm (UTC)
Re: Me too!
Reading your comment really makes me want to write right now, but it's already too late for today to start. Typical! ;_; (I had a school day today which means I had to get up at 6am, so I didn't get up one hour earlier to write because that would just be crazy. School days are the exception from my rule. Which sucks.)

My book is going to be sooo long, too. Maybe I even have to split it into several books. But honestly I don't want to do that because I HATE how every story is a whole book series nowadays, especially in the Fantasy genre.

I can't even tell when I started writing this story. I think I developed the main plot idea... maybe four years ago, now that I think about it. It definitely feels longer than that. Fact is, I really want it to be finished some time soon. Even though I enjoy writing it, I also want to move on to other story ideas someday.

Social media is the devil! I'm really struggling with that. Thankfully, at least TV is no problem for me, either. I never watch TV. Which is good because once you start, you can't stop.

Yes, good luck to us! I feel like we'll have many more frustrating hours and sleepless nights, but it'll be worth it in the end. (I hope.)
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