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Last school week of my life! :o

Ok, so this week will be the last school week of my life! :o
Melancholy is already gripping me. Now that I'm so close to the final exams, I begin to really appreciate life at school. I'm a bit scared of my life after school, of all the important choices I have to make. Although I'm quite convinced that I will manage that. But still... becoming an adult is a bit frightening in my opinion. I'm turning 18 this summer, so after the final exams, and then I'm fully responsible for myself.

Apart from that quite melancholic and scary thoughts, the last "ordinary" week at school, with lessons and stuff, is also very funny because my school has the tradition to make a "motto week" each year for the twelfth graders like me. That means we can vote for five mottos and then we will have to dress like that each day during this week. For example, the motto today was "Antisocial" - very very funny, I guess you can imagine that. We had an antisocial party in the recreation hall. xD
The motto for tomorrow will be "Hippie" (also very funny because in my religion course, I'll have an excursion that day - I'm curious how the people in the museum will react when they see us xD), the day after tomorrow will be "Hangover", then "Horror-Day" and then "Childhood-Heroes". I guess this will be the funniest school week of my life! xD

Oh by the way, today I found out that licorice tastes good with carrots and red pepper. Really, trust me! I just wanted to let you know that. :D