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Shame on you, Germany!

Just one question: Why, Germany?!

Why, why, why was CASCADA chosen to represent Germany in the next Eurovision Song Contest?! Oh, maybe you don't know this contest if you are not from Europe. The ESC is like the biggest and most spectacular song contest in Europe, West Asia and North Africa. It's always a huge show and in my humble little opinion the greatest TV event of the year.

Well, and yesterday, it was chosen who would represent Germany in the ESC. There were many great songs and artists this year, mostly newcomer. But who wins?! Cascada! With this terrible song "Glorious"! (Nothing against Cascada, but Glorious is nothing but meaningless mainstream). I'll be so ashamed for my country during the ESC show! I mean, Cascada has good chances to win the ESC, but if she wins, it is not because her song and performance are good but just because she is a world star and has many fans in Europe. That is totally unfair!

The terrible thing is that if she hadn't won, LaBrassBanda would have won with "Nackert". What they produce is rather a Bavarian audio violation than music. Why do always the bad artists (?) win when there are also so many good ones?!

The only good thing about the preselection is that now I know some talented newcomers and awesome songs. For example Betty Dittrich with her 60s style song "Lalala" or Mia Diekow with "Lieblingslied" - both in German and both amazing. Or, very unusual yet great, Die Priester with "Meerstern, sei gegrüßt", a very epical christian chorus in latin. Other good ones were Saint Lu with the very erotic "Craving", Finn Martin with the feel-good song "Change", Blitzkids mvt. (the "German Lady Gaga") with "Heart on the Line", or Mobileé with the very cute song "Little sister".

But I think my personal favourite was Ben Ivory with "The righteous ones". Great song, great message, great music video, great performance, great artist. I think I'm a fan of this guy now. I listen to his music in a loop. His songs are simply amazing, and he himself is intelligent, creative, nonconformist, sympathetic and drop dead gorgeous. Too bad that he is gay, lol. (Although of course that aspect just makes him cuter in the eyes of a yaoi fangirl like me, hehe :D).

This is Ben Ivory, by the way. (Some eye candy for you ;D)
ben_ivory_press_picture_04 6a00d8345206e269e201347fa7d974970c-800wi 521884_230606497039080_1722576296_n

Oh, I nearly forgot - the "Tea"-picture that I promised you is finished now as well. Here it is:
Tea time