AwieAtti (awieatti) wrote,

Positivity Meme: Day 3

Today was a long day again, with ten hours of work. And of course I don't have a free Saturday tomorrow, either. Sigh. Thank God I really like the job, otherwise I wouldn't survive that! :'D

1. I was sent to the bank to manage some financial things for the company. I'm kinda proud that my boss already entrusts me with such responsible tasks! :)

2. I had gluten-free pasta with vegan Bolognese sauce for lunch, and now I'm having some vegan chili con carne for dinner that my family left over for me. Yummy!

3. I worked a little on my new video project: A FAKE fanvideo!! <3 I really missed editing videos!
Tags: diary, fake, food, positivity meme
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