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Love, life, coffee and snowstorms

Hello, world!
Yes, I'm indeed still alive and more or less sane, even if my last post was a bit depressed and confused and whatever. But no worries, I'm fine. I tend to whine about unnecessary stuff because I realize only afterwards that it's not even half as dramatic as I thought. So basically, my last post was ridiculous. Sorry about that! :)

Soo... how about you? Are YOU all still alive? I heard about this terrible snowstorm in the USA! It's really scary! If you are living over there (and you still have internet), please let me know how you are doing and if you are alright. 

Apart from that - Valentine's day is coming! Woohoo! And I'm still single! Woohoo! Ahem. Well, it seems to be commonly known that when you are single, you have to either pity yourself on Valentine's day or ignore it completely, but I disagree. I love this day and I'll celebrate it, no matter if I'm single or not. And what does a girl like me do to celebrate the day of love? Right: party in my head, reading lots of fluffy mangas, books and fanfiction, aaaaand... a Valentine's Day video!! :D Yes, believe it or not, today I finished my very first Valentine's Day video. Of course, I will upload it not today, but on Valentine's Day on my new channel "CrimzonStarz95x". The fandom I used is the lovely Shojo manga "Absolute Boyfriend". I normally don't like Shojo, but this manga rocks! But don't read it if you don't want to cry like a waterfall in the end, because that will definitely happen. Damn, I think from all the good mangas, FAKE is the only one with a happy ending! :o

Speaking of FAKE, I made a new picture today! It's this one:
Coffee break

Tomorrow, I will most probably make a picture of Ryo with a cup of tea. As you see, I'm totally in the mood for something hot to drink. Blame the weather. It's freaking cold outside again and today, it was even snowing! But I guess as long as the weather inspires me to make some pictures, it's not so bad at all. ;)

Oh, by the way, shall I make a tutorial about this picture? Because I used some techniques that I haven't explained yet in my other tutorials, such as the coffee stains and the spiral in the background. Shall I?