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I'll cut straight to the point: I'm searching for a scene from FAKE. A kissing scene, to be more specific. I skimmed back and forth through my mangas and I seem just too stupid to find it, lol. And maybe I'm just making a fuss over nothing, but it's freaking me out to not be able to find it.

So, this is the scene I'm looking for (err, of course only the picture in the middle):

I found it while visitin totally4ryo's LJ. She has used it in two pictures called "SomeoneGrace-vi" and "Stamp D-R 002" (check out her LJ if you have some free time, she has some nice stuff there). When I asked her about it, she said she can't really remember the exact scene either but she could tell me that she named the picture "Dee-Ryo car". And tada, I found a kissing scene that takes place in a car and that does indeed look quite similar:
Car kiss

But it's not exactly the same! So, well, I don't want anyone to do the research work for me just because I'm apparently a bit too silly to do it myself, but if you can remember the scene without spending hours on skimming through your mangas, I'd be really grateful! :)

(The problems of a fangirl *shakes head* Unbelievable...)