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Writing Update #11

Oops, I'm late again! Oh well, at least I have good news today! :)

Guys, I have a new laptop now! ^_^
It's a really cool one with touchscreen and multimedia functions and lots of storage space, and it's fast and awesome! I'm almost finished setting it up now, I have most of the important programs and almost all my personal data from my old laptop. I also caught a few minor viruses in the process of downloading stuff but I hope I'll manage to get rid of them tomorrow. So basically, it's running.

Now what does that have to do with writing? Well, you see, I'm not going to give up my old laptop. Instead, I'm going to use it as a writing machine! I'm going to remove all the personal data and I have yet to figure out how to permanently cut the internet connection, but once I do, there won't be anything to distract me from writing! Isn't that awesome? :D

And it's already working! I haven't written much yet but at least I started editing my story again (after not looking at it for two weeks or so - argh! >.< ). So at least I'm back on track. Here's hoping that this "writing machine aka laptop" trick will work :)

Thanks for reading! <3

(On a sidenote: I've met a really interesting guy lately. We're soon going to have our second date. Or let's call it a meeting, not a date. I mean, we don't really have a romantic relationship - yet. And I could write a whole post about what I like about him but sadly this is a writing update and not an update on my non-existent love-life xD So let me just say this much: I think I'm falling in love and this is the first time that ever happened to me... I mean, I've had crushes before, on celebrities and fictional characters and people I didn't really know personally... but this is different ^_^
And maybe I actually SHOULD write a whole post about this story because this sidenote is getting wayyyy too long x'D)

(Oh God I hope he won't find this, I mean he knows I'm writing drabbles about FAKE so he might discover my LJ and read this and... argh! *blush* Well let's just hope he won't! xD)


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Jul. 23rd, 2014 09:17 pm (UTC)
Don't worry-- He may not figure out it's him, even if he does check.

I spend time worrying that my husband will someday find all my FAKE porn-lemons, but then I remind myself that he's not really a curious type of person and he has his own rather rigid set of interests, so it's pretty unlikely.

I guess whether you get caught or not depends on how curious and investigative your new friend is!

The writing machine is a good idea. I used to to do the same thing by taking my laptop to a cafe that had notoriously crappy Wifi. It meant that I couldn't do impromptu research, so I had to leave myself notes in the body of the story text to the effect of "MEMO: When you next have Internet, check____!"
Jul. 23rd, 2014 10:01 pm (UTC)
Even if he does, I guess it wouldn't be that bad - he's a pretty relaxed and open-minded person, after all.
(He even knows what Shonen Ai is and he loves Torchwood! I tell you, he's one in a million!)

The internet really is one of the biggest enemies when it comes to productive writing. Just like laziness and real life! xD

When I went to college, I used my free periods to write. I always took my laptop with me and sat down in a hall where everyone was working and the internet connection was basically non-existent. I need a place like that again, just a little closer to home...

So for now I just hope that my "writing machine" will do the trick :D
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