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TV Series Review: Hannibal

Originally, I wanted to post movie and book reviews on my LJ from time to time, but since I mostly read fanfiction and other internet stories lately, I don't really get a chance to do that. As for the movie reviews - well, I go to the cinema from time to time but whenever I finally get to watch a movie in German, you've probably already seen it months ago since you don't need to wait for the translated version. Hmph. (By the way, some of the movies I watched recently were "Kill your Darlings", "Divergent" and "Gravity". And just so you know, I highly recommend them all! ^_^)

Anyways - I figured that I could still write reviews about TV series, right? So here we go...

[Enough with the rambling, on to the review! ;)]The series I want to present you today is called "Hannibal", a horror-crime-series.



The protagonist is Will Graham, an FBI special agent with an unusual talent: He can empathize with others so strongly that he can adopt the psyche of a killer. This way, he is able to practically re-create and experience the murders of such a killer before his inner eye. Of course, this talent is very useful for the FBI but it makes Will psychologically unstable.

That's why Will gets a psychological consultant to support him during his job: Dr. Hannibal Lecter. From now on, Will and Hannibal work together to solve brutal serial murders. What Will doesn't know: Hannibal is a serial killer himself. Even worse, he is a cannibal who eats his victims. Of course Hannibal doesn't want to get caught so he manipulates poor Will in very evil, but clever ways...

My opinion:

I must admit, one of the main reasons why I started watching Hannibal was Hannigram (Hannibal x Will). It's not like they become a couple in the series (far from it!) but they just have such an interesting relationship. On the one hand, they trust each other - on the other hand, they don't. Will is the first person that Hannibal ever wanted to befriend - but at the same time, he uses and manipulates Will and works on slowly destroying him. Anways, there are so many scenes where you just feel this kind of weird chemistry between them - well, I love Hannigram! (How could you not ship them? :D )

One thing I really like about Hannibal is that the series takes its time. Sure, there are action scenes as well, but the real tension is caused by calm scenes. There are many shots of beautiful scenery (such as this one), there are psychological / philosophical talks (mostly between Hannibal and Will, of course), there are really dark and scary scenes, and so on. Not to forget Will's creepy nightmares, visions and halluzinations! There may be people who think Hannibal is too slow-paced, but I bet those people just don't have any appreciation for real depth.

It's strange - in real life, I can't handle the sight of blood, but in movies, I don't mind it. In fact, most of the bloody scenes in Hannibal are almost beautiful and kind of aesthetic... is it creepy when I say that? xD Well, in any case, the murders are interesting :'D And of course, the constant game of cat-and-mouse between Hannibal and Will adds tension and interesting plot twists as well. Somehow, they are both the prey and both the hunter. And although it's clear that Hannibal is the bad guy, you can't really say who of them you want to win...

All in all...

Yeah, you guessed it, I really like Hannibal! ^_^ It's psychological and exciting and creepy and some episodes actually scared me to death! xD I can't wait for the second season - the first season has a really mean cliffhanger but the second season isn't available in German yet! Gaaah! D:

So, all in all: a definite recommendation! :)



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May. 31st, 2014 01:56 am (UTC)
Thank you, that was interesting to read. I can't say that I'm going to watch this program, though. It sounds too stressful. My work life is pretty stressful and I just can't handle stressful movies or shows. Even the news is too upsetting for me nowadays! But I got to wtch two episodes of Big Bang on the plane to France and two on the plane back to Canada. Big Bang is my go-to stressbuster.
May. 31st, 2014 12:32 pm (UTC)
Yep, Hannibal is pretty stressful and often frustrating - but addicting as well. Thankfully my life is pretty relaxed at the moment so I can bear to watch all those dark, exciting shows like Hannibal or Teen Wolf (I'll write a review for Teen Wolf as well as soon as I've watched all seasons).

Big Bang Theory is a great stressbuster indeed, and a moodlifter too! I used to watch it a lot during the short time I went to college. I wanted to write a review for Big Bang as well but then I figured that pretty much everyone knows it already, so...
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