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I was at an asian restaurant yesterday, and it was verrrry good! There was a buffet with all kinds of delicious asian food. I love asian food, so I was quite happy - until I  bit on something extremely spicey.
OMG! I've never eaten something as spicey as that! My whole mouth was burning and it didn't seem to stop anytime soon. I drank all my guava juice and it didn't stop, I ate lots of rice and it didn't stop, I drank half of my father's beer and it didn't stop, I stole the ice cube out of the cherry juice of my sister and that did actually help, but as soon as it had melted away in my mouth the unbelievable burning started again.
So I just tried to go on eating and hope that the pain would go away soon. Which it finally did, thank God. But damn! That had been painful! My tongue was NUMB afterwards!
And I didn't even know what exactly had been that spicey. So I continued quite anxious with my meal, hoping that I wouldn't bite on whatever-it-had-been again, lol.



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Nov. 18th, 2012 02:17 pm (UTC)
Noooo! Not spice! I can't stand spicy food. I feel your pain!

I like my food bland, I don't even like most sauces. But I keep pushing myself to experiment more and not just stick to the same meals when I go out or order take out.
Nov. 19th, 2012 07:25 pm (UTC)
Normally, I like spicy food and sauces - but only within limits. And not if it's too hot.
But THAT was definitely too much for me! xD

Btw, did you know why there's so terribly spicy food in some countries, such as India and Mexico? It's because germs multiply really quickly in warm areas, but the spices kill some of them so the food stays fresh for a longer time. (I didn't know this until my sister told me about it some days ago :D I think it's really interesting and explains a lot.)
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