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NYPD Vs. FBI, Part Three (Double-drabble)

Characters/Pairings: Dee, Ryo, Rose, the entire FBI and NYPD
Warnings: None
Timeline: After volume 3
Spoilers: To volume 2 and beyond

Dee almost dropped the sandwiches when he spotted his soaking-wet partner. Thankfully, the only thing that dropped was his jaw. "Woah! Is there a wet tee-shirt contest somewhere?"

Of course, after learning what had actually happened, Dee was furious. He wanted to give Rose a piece of his mind but the commish had magically disappeared.

When it was time for the muddy tug of war though, everyone had do participate, even Rose. All up for revenge, Dee positioned himself like a barrier between Rose and Ryo. And then the tug of war began.

It became a bitter fight that went back and forth. Finally, when the NYPD won, the sneaky FBI team abruptly let go of the rope, making the poor detectives slip and fall into the mud.

Dee somehow managed to catch Ryo and at the same time land on Rose, pressing him face-down into the mud.

"Dee, he can't breathe!", Ryo reminded him of the struggling Commissioner.

But Dee took his time to get off his superior. "Oh, I am SO sorry, sir!", he said, "What a terrible ACCIDENT!"

Dee really hoped someone took a picture of Rose's muddy death-glare. He never wanted to forget that hilarious sight!

(Author's Notes: Payback time, teehee! Poor Rose! xD )


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May. 18th, 2014 01:47 pm (UTC)
Heeeheee! YAY for sneaky Dee, getting revenge on Rose while saving Ryo from the mud =D
May. 19th, 2014 01:27 pm (UTC)
Dee is very happy with his life right now, haha! ;D
Thanks! :)
May. 18th, 2014 04:56 pm (UTC)
Now that's what I call double drabble-trouble! This is the only kind of revenge Dee can take on the commissioner (and expect to remain employed), although he's dreaming if he thinks the Commish won't find a way to make him pay for it. If I were Berkie, I'd sic Diana on Dee.
May. 19th, 2014 01:30 pm (UTC)
The rivalry between Dee and Rose is a constant battle that goes back and forth - like a tug of war actually! :D
Dee should better watch out now!
Thank you! ;)
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