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This and that

It's extremely cold and foggy today. I couldn't even see the buildings on the other side of the school yard! But this weather is explainable because we live right in the middle between a huge forest and a canal, no wonder that there's such a high air humidity.

I just came home from school (but I have to go back in about an hour because only my maths course was cancelled but I'll still have sports later) and I'll start working on a video this minute. I'm halfway through a very funny Fake video that I started months ago, I expected it to get done faster, but there are always so many other projects... Anyway, someday I'll finally finish it and you'll see it, hopefully this year. ;)

Oh and I wanted to share this amazing website with you: http://www.slapupsidethehead.com/
I could spent hours and hours reading the articles there. Hope you'll like it too! :D