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FAKE Christmas Wallpaper

I'm quite productive today, huh? :)

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm already in a very christmassy christmas mood. Maybe it's because I already wrote a christmas story for an online advent calendar in a story forum, or because I started preparing my video advent calendar for youtube, or because I listen to christmas songs all day long, or just because of the cold weather...

Anyway, although I'm quite proud of my Halloween Wallpaper, I needed a new desktop background - so I simply made a christmas wallpaper! :D Originally, I wanted to wait with that until christmas and upload it here as a christmas present for you, but I thought, now that I already finished it, I can as well upload it now. ^^

Again, you can of course download it and use it as a desktop background too, or anywhere else, as long as you credit me. :)
Besides, as always, you can also see it at my Fake fanpage: http://all-about-fake.jimdo.com/picture-gallery/

(PS: Look at my new avatar!! Isn't it adorable? They totally look like Dee and Ryo! *O* And they never had a kiss in the rain before, so I just had to make this avatar! :D It's from wikipedia btw, just search for the article about "Yaoi" there and you'll find it.)

Happy Fakemas 2012