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Drabble #33 - Mother Penguin


Mother Penguin

Characters/Pairings: Maria Lane, Dee, Jimmy (an orphan)
Warnings: None
Timeline: Pre-series
Spoilers: To vol. 2

Even after two decades, Maria Lane could still remember the day she had become „the penguin“. All thanks to one cheeky little boy...

It had been a trip to the zoo where the children invented a new game: comparing certain animals to their friends and guardians.

„Jimmy, you sure you're not a gorilla?“

„No!“, Jimmy protested. The others laughed.

Then they visited the penguins and Dee almost swallowed his whole ice cream as he laughed: „Mother, they totally look like you! You're a penguin! Hahaha!“

And that's how she got that nickname she would never get rid of, ever again.

(Author's Notes: For some reason, I love writing drabbles about Dee or Ryo's childhood :D )


Apr. 13th, 2014 04:55 pm (UTC)
She knows the children don't have an easy life, and tries everything to make their childhood more enjoyable :)
Thank you! ^_^