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Drabble #12 - Women



Characters/Pairings: Drake, JJ
Warnings: None
Timeline: During / after the manga
Spoilers: A little to Like Like Love

„Oh dear, another break-up?“, JJ sighed when Drake entered their office with heavy steps, „Again?“

Drake just growled. JJ sighed again. He didn't even remember the name of Drake's current girlfriend. They hadn't been together longer than a few weeks, he mused. Oh well, Drake would get over it.

„I just don't get women!“, Drake complained as he heavily sat down in his chair. „Maybe they're just not my thing...“ He suddenly realized what he had said and flushed pink in embarrassment. „Now don't think anything wrong!“, he warned JJ.

„Whatever.“ JJ just grinned and went back to his work.

(Author's Notes: Sometimes, men and women just don't match.)


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Mar. 22nd, 2014 03:59 pm (UTC)
Don't worry, drake, I don't understand men either. I think we're two different species, but people just expect us to crossbreed anyway, lol!
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