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FAKE Fanfiction Recs! <3

Heyo guys!! :D
Maybe some of you already know this amazing, amazing post by anjichan where she lists all her favourite FAKE fanfictions: http://anjichan.livejournal.com/12880.html (there's also a part two!)
Well, for a long time now I wanted to do the same. So today is the day! :)
(Oh, by the way, all the stories I included are complete - only with one or two exceptions).
Here we go:


It's Only Soap!
(ONESHOT) Who knew one little scent could cause such a problem? [Dee x Ryo - post volume 4]

Mayhem Junkie
Proper Definitions
Ryo hurts Dee when he says he's not gay...but there's a good reason why. Just a little ficlet to warm the heart.


After Dee gets sick and goes home for the day, after taking care of the lost kid, Ryo comes to help him out and take care of him. But after Dee's asleep, Ryo has some thinking to do....

Bottoms Up

Ryo gets a little... heated... one night as the beast that he tries to keep at bay beggs to be set free. Dee is in for one hell of a ride!
Youthful Energy
Dee thinks about enery... and not ways to save it.

I'll Tell You In A Letter

Ryo has never been able to express himself well, so he writes his feelings for his partner in a letter. Dee reacts to Ryo's simple honesty, something he has to fight to get sometimes. Short, fluffy, and sweet. Dee/Ryo.

Bards of Bedlam
Moments Like This

Just a sappy little fic about my two favorite Fake pairings. Songfic to “Learning To Fall” by Martina McBride. Set after “Dead Men Tell No Tales.” RyoxDee, JJxDrake. Dedicated to Kita and Subu chan.
Don't Save It All
Ryo and Dee are called down to the precinct on a rescue mission and they end up getting stuck in the house due to the blizzard. And just when it looks like things can't get worse... Yup, you guessed it. They do. EDITED AND RE-POSTED WITH A NEW ENDING.

Courage And Fear

Dee nearly gets shot, and Ryo gets pissed off. Only a little tiny bit of angst: mostly sap


It was a very thin line JJ and he tread between friendship and something more. Drake was more aware of that line every day. Set after Like, Like Love. DrakexJJ

Tomo Trillions
Just A Little

JJ reflects on Dee, and what lengths he would go to in order to earn the affections of his sempai. Set during the animated OAV.
Women's Intuition
Cal finds Bikky on the street and decides to figure out exactly how the boy feels about Ryo and his loving Dee.

something like human

It seems that Dee likes to sing and dance while he cooks. Too bad that Ryo doesn't really like the song choice.
Just a little Holiday fic. Then antics that ensue while they decorate Ryo's apartment. Merry Christmas Mo! This is for you, Chica!

50 Words

Take a random list of words and try to get them to make sense within the fandom you are writing in. This is the challenge and I have much fun with it!
That First Night
A brief account of Dee and Ryo's first night together. A novelazation of the events in Volume 7 of the manga. ONE SHOT.
Our First Night
A companion fic to 'That First Night'. Eventhough it is not nessasary to read 'That First Night' to understand this one, I would love it if you did! Dee's POV. ONE SHOT

Too Hot

There's heat at the precinct. A couple days in the life of the 27th. DeeRyo

Michiru's Mirror
Worth It

Dee ruminates on the many things about Ryo that drive him crazy...and how he's worth it anyway.

Because I Have To

Dee and Ryo know that their relationship really shouldn't work, but they're glad it does.

How It Is With Us Dee And Ryo

A sappy,introspective piece
How Dee Quit Smoking
Ryo finds an interesting way to get Dee to quit smoking

Friday The 13th: A Tale Of The Minkey

Dee shows up at Ryo's house, scared out of his mind. What is he terrified of....and what will Ryo do to take away that fear?

The Way I Want You

The way Ryo shows how much he wants Dee is a little....um, well....M for language, I guess....

Clearing A Few Things Up

Drake needs Ryo's help to clear a few things up... Will he be successful? What will come of it? R&R DrakexJJ

Nova Starlight
Never Enough

This is a one-shot companion fic to my "Strings" Series. What did Dee say to Ryo to cause him to dump a pitcher of beer on his head and storm out of Drake's birthday celebration? Where will the couple go from here?

Lady Feather
Before I'm Thirty

Timeline is September to October, after Vol. 7: Ryo is learning all sorts of things about his new 'partner'. Things he hadn't ever thought about. Please enjoy as much as I did while writing it. Beta'd by Brit Columbia, mostly.

Inglorious DMK
Drake's Crazy Day

An odd fic about Drake and the weirdest day of his life. DrakeJJ, DeeRyo. shrugs It's... er... odd.

St Jude

A quiet night at home from Dee's point of view. Sometimes love is more than words.
Dee's plane goes down in the Canadian wilderness in the middle of winter. Our boy in blue is no outdoorsman, but will his cunning and faith be enough to get him through?

Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Ryo

A little drabble piece about Ryo from Dee's perspective. They are the things Dee likes to pursue.

Babysitting Bikky

Dee and Bikky don't agree on much, but they do agree on one thing: Dee babysitting Bikky while Ryo is out of town is a VERY bad idea. DeeRyo

Never Be The Same Again

Being a cop means dealing with losses. Dee and Ryo have to learn that the hard way. And now it is Ryo who has to be strong for his partner. Rated M for mention of rape. Please read and review.
About Courage
It is all about Courage and Ryo finlly notices. They have to talk and Dee is scared of what will happen next. DEE'S POV. Slash - don't like, don't read! Please read and review! Rated M. COMPLETE. Short and sweet drabble. Enjoy.

Swordy Rides Again
Christmas Cards

One-shot. Since New Year's Eve the previous year Ryo and Dee have been in a relationship that they have kept secret from their family and friends. Knowing the secrecy hurts Dee, Ryo decides it's time to come clean... Written as a sequel to 'Dance with Me'

A Sign Of An Angel
Summary: Oh that I had wings like a dove! For then would I fly away, and be at rest: how did a dove and a familiar little girl ease the guilt of Arnon's death in Dee's heart? Fluffiness and spiritualness ensue
To Where You Are
My very first FAKE fanfiction, summary: Ryo helps Dee help overcome a large emotional obstacle...(RyoDee) Please read and review
Summary: Ryo has really hurt Dee this time, can Dee find it in his heart to really forgive him?
Sultry Roses
A stand alone follow up to 'Sensual Massage'. Summary: Dee has promised Ryo a bed of roses and a bed of roses he will get... hot lovin' up ahead, sappiness and sultriness ensue
Deep As An Ocean
Summary: Spoilers for 4th manga What were Dee's thoughts when he fell onto the floor of his apartment? DeeRyo

Thought And Dee'd
Dee tries to convince Ryo that he's really the 'sensitive type'.

Melinda's grandson threatens to shake up the new relationship between Dee and Ryo.
The Spaces Between
Just a thought of what is happening behind the scenes in the seventh volume, after Ryo faces up to his feelings.
The One Where Ryo Blushes A Lot
Ryo impulsively buys an engagement ring and then wonders what to do with it.

Ryo reflects on his life and the choices he has and has not made.
Dee reflects upon desire and all the things he has wanted throughout the course of his life A companion piece to CHOICES.

The Tenth
Green Eyes
Eighteen year old Ryo takes his reluctant first steps toward discovering his sexual identity. He struggles with the confusion, guilt, and denial associated with his early homosexual fantasies. Character study & erotica

Reality Or Dream?
Dee and Ryo have the whole weekend off; so they decide to enjoy it. Dee being Dee shows how much he loves Ryo in public, he has done this many times, but for some reason Ryo acts differently. Coming to the present Diana is at Dee’ and Ryo’ shared apt.

Easy FAKE Oven
Various one-shots, ficlets, and drabbles following the antics and high jinx of the members of the 27th precincts.
Reason And Rhyme
Hisoka and Tsuzuki are Summoned to New York City. A YnM/FAKE crossover.

Stuck In The Middle With You
A great idea leads Dee into an awkward position. Will Ryo help him in time or die laughing?

Passing The Time

Berkeley and Dee are stuck together at a police conference

One Good Turn

Ryo overhears Dee commenting on their relationship and decides that he deserves some special attention...

Legal Briefs
Dee and Ryo doing naughty things (as in: D up A). We all love it when they do naughty things, don't we? Yes we do! All sexual acts in this story take place between two men in a loving relationship.
Of Meat And Men
It's the company picnic for the members of the 27th precinct and their families. Dee is trying to show Ryo the correct way to eat a hot dog.
Stand-Up Guy
Ryo has already discovered the joys of being on top and Dee is consequently having a little trouble walking.
Take Me Home
Ryo gets tipsy at a party and Dee benefits.
Birthday Stitches
Dee is in hospital getting stitches and being difficult, as usual.

Not About You
Dee knew he'd made a mistake checking out the old warehouse without backup. He just hadn't realized how badly he'd screwed up until he heard Ryo's voice.

Multi-chapter stories

There Are Days Like This, Too
Ryo is struggling to keep his sanity while he starts picking up bad habits he developed when his parents died. Mix in a psychopathic murderer, a traumatized Bikky, and Dee who's patience is about to wear thin, you too would have a hard time keeping sane!

Bards of Bedlam
Dead Men Tell No Tales
A serial killer has been picking off 27th precinct cops one by one, and the situation culminates in the death of one of the precinct’s best cops…. Not sure how angsty it’ll be, but I’m putting it under angst just in case. SLASH.

Black & White
One of the first Fake stories I ever came up with. Dee and Ryo are the only ones who believe two case suspects are innocent. Are they right and can they prove it?
Camping Trip
An AU DrakexJJ and DeexRyo fic. Dee, Ryo, Drake, and JJ are put on assignment together, and they have to go camping...doesn't this sound like a recipe for disaster? R&R please!
Carol wants to go ice skating for her birthday, but Bikky doesn't know how to ice skate. Meanwhile, Drake and JJ are on assignment to catch someone attacking people in ice rinks around the city. BikkyxCarol, DeexRyo, and possibly a hint of DrakexJJ.

A weird retelling of the classic story. Language, sap and Mature

Lady of Castillo
Yesterday's Feelings
When Dee's perception of those around him unexpectedly changes how will the detective cope. Can Ryo handle the new uncertainties of Dee when their roles are reversed... RyoDee. Completed July 10,2006

Above And Beyond
Lives are often shattered in the line of duty.

Swordy Rides Again
Young Dogs
As a teenager, Dee finds himself reevaluating his sexuality when an enigmatic young man offers to show him the ways of the flesh. Set in the canon timeline, pre volume 1.
(*Note: This story is not finished. I include it here nevertheless because it is so GOOD. Besides, you can pretty much guess how the story continues after the open ending - which doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy about a "real" ending, of course).
Crash And Burn: Coming Home For Christmas
Crash and Burn Arc. Dee has plans for Ryo and their relationship but fate has other plans for Dee when he is injured on the job. Could the accident be a blessing in disguise?
Crash And Burn
Crash and Burn Arc. As an act of revenge for a job foiled, a kidnapper snatches Dee, plunging Ryo into a nightmare made worse by unwanted media attention. Even if Dee is found, will the ordeal have changed him forever?
Crash And Burn: So Far Away
Crash and Burn side story. Suffering Post Traumatic Stress, Dee heads to England for a month's intensive therapy where he is forced to deal with everything that happened to him during his kidnapping ordeal.
Crash And Burn: Somewhere In Between
Crash and Burn Arc. A chance encounter causes the start of an obsession that will threaten Dee and Ryo's relationship, their work and maybe even their lives. Updated with final chapter 22nd November.
Fairytale Of New York
Ryo has to go away before Christmas and circumstances may mean he has to spend the holiday with Rose rather than Dee. Understandably neither of them are pleased about this...

The Me I Never Knew

Warning: Spoilers for the final volume of the manga and sweet luvin' Summary: A twopart fic that narrates through Ryo's viewpoint as he comes to terms with his growing feelings for his younger partner. Please read and review
A Wonderful Anniversary
Ryo prepares a sexy surprise for Dee to show how far he has come and having the young detective as an important part of his life to celebrate their first anniversary. But as it goes on, it would be Dee who gives him the most special surprise of all...Heavy YAOI abound, Dee/Ryo and Ryo/Dee pairings filled with romance and sap. Please read and review :)

kit yang
Dee's Grimm Fairy Tales
After Ryo hears Dee's fairy tale, he decides he wants more and involves everyone at the precinct.

Lady Feather
Would I Be Gay?

Dee, Ryo, a couple cans of beer,a blanket... and 48 hours alone. Language, adult themes. Timeline is September after Volume 7. Characters belong to Sanami Matoh, I just play with them, as often as I can.

Learning Aids

Several months after book 7, one day Dee intends to surprise Ryo who had to go into work on a day off. It's Dee who ends up surprised when he accidentally uncovers some secrets of Ryo's.This is now a series of related fics based on the first chapter.
All's Fair In War And Love
Finding himself once again alone at the supermarket check out, Dee finally confronts Ryo on something that has been bothering him since he first got together with Ryo. Future lemon. RyoxDee

Special Gifts

A short Christmas Fake fic. Dee's in search of the right gift for Ryo.

Six Senses

The officers of the 27th precinct as experinced through the six senses: Look. Touch . Listen . Smell . Taste . Know
"If you had a fantasy you wanted fulfilled , would you tell me what it was ? "

Three Times A Charm

Dealing with the morning after…

Look At Me

Dee guesses Ryo's secrets in exchange for kisses
Rose extracts concessions from Ryo in exchange for canceling Dee's suspension from duty.
Slave To A Gladiator
Horny gladiator and flustered slave boy in NYC.

Not As Dumb
Ryo receives a peculiar present. Dee doesn't like it one bit.

FAKE: Second Chances

Of course, there are still so many more great fanfictions out there that I didn't include. I feel like I forgot so many. Sorry!
But I hope you'll enjoy these fanfics just as much as I did / do! :)


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Mar. 1st, 2014 10:16 pm (UTC)
Ack! It's going to take me forever to get through this list! Not that I should be reading FAKE when I'm trying to get on with writing umpteen Torchwood fics, but...

I'm glad you decided to do this. Thanks!
Mar. 3rd, 2014 09:09 am (UTC)
Well who can resist FAKE? Hehe... I hope you enjoy the fanfics! :)
Mar. 3rd, 2014 10:50 am (UTC)
Who indeed? I've been bitten by a rabid AU FAKE Plot Bunny. I'm trying to resist as I'm supposed to be writing cottoncandy_bingo fics and it doesn't fit any of the prompts, and anyway I only write Torchwood, but it won't go away, it just keeps nibbling away at me. HELP! o_O
Mar. 10th, 2014 11:52 am (UTC)
YES! Write some FAKE! Yes yes yes yes!! :D
Mar. 10th, 2014 12:51 pm (UTC)
I dunno, it's very AU with only Dee being a cop... Don't know if it would work...
Mar. 10th, 2014 10:06 pm (UTC)
Oh, well I must admit that I'm not the biggest fan of AU, but maybe one day I'll find that good AU fics actually DO exist... ;) Well, if at least Dee is still a cop, it's not extremely AU, so I'd love to give it a try anyway. But it's up to you of course :)
Mar. 10th, 2014 10:40 pm (UTC)
We'll see. I mean. I've got a lot of notes written, so it's not completely out of the question, but I still have bingo fics to write and I'm not feeling great at the moment so even that's not getting done =(

Really, the only thing that's AU is that Ryo isn't a cop, it was just a different way for them to meet and I think my Ryo might end up being a little more assertive and confident than he comes across in a lot of fics... GAH! I dunno... Still 27th precinct, still NY, still got the other guys but in the background, still the same(ish) ages... I need sleep, maybe I'll feel less half dead tomorrow.
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