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Beware of murderous lighters!

ATTENTION! If you have any lighters at home, better get rid of them - they could be trying to kill you!

[Yes, I'm serious!]I tell you this because it happened to me yesterday. But let's start at the beginning:
When my boyfriend and I came out of the bedroom (exclamation mark!!!! But that's a different story ;D ), we noticed that the air in the apartment was kind of... steamy. At first we thought it was only our imagination, until we discovered a big, black, burned spot on his living room table that hadn't been there before. It was as big as my hand. We both didn't have a clue what it was until we found two tiny pieces of metal that had once been part of a cigarette lighter. The rest of it was just gone, burned into the surface of the table. So we figured that it must have exploded while we were, er, busy.

If you think this is very unlikely - well, I thought so too! - just have a look at this link: http://www.wral.com/5onyourside/story/10783892/
Apparently, this happens about 1000 times a year!

So maybe now it's time to throw away your lighter - or at least store it in a fire-save place. Or, if you're a smoker, better stop smoking alltogether. Because it might be even more dangerous than you think ;)
Now that I think about it, the situation yesterday could have been really dangerous if the explosion had set anything on fire... hell, we could have died, I mean I don't think we would have noticed a fire very quickly... But well, life is only one big risk anyway.


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Nov. 19th, 2013 09:31 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you didn't die!
I had absolutely no idea this could happen. We don't have any lighters in our house because my husband, my father and I don't smoke. But my sister and her husband smoke one or two cigarettes a day. I think they have lighters. I'll have to warn them. Someone should warn Dee, too!

Is Steffi being annoying? She's probably jealous of your boyfriend.
Which brings me to... the boyfriend! Who, I'm guessing, is the one responsible for your first kiss. How long has he been in the picture? I mean, is he a brand-new development, or has he been in the background for a while and we just didn't hear about him?

In any case I'm happy for you!
Nov. 19th, 2013 11:06 pm (UTC)
Re: I'm glad you didn't die!
Thank you, well I'm glad about that too! :D
We have one lighter, just for lighting candles or our gas stove. I'll have to put it somewhere where it can't cause any damage, just in case...

Yeah, better warn them - and Dee too, the next time you see him ;D But wouldn't that be an interesting topic for a fanfiction: "The mysterious exploding lighter"... it looks like an accident, but in reality it's the work of a crazy killer...
Ah but I'm sure you have more than enough ideas for fanfiction already :D

Steffi doesn't care much with who I go out, she was just hungry - or at least, pretended to be xD But I'm sure the lighter was jealous. And when it couldn't do anything against us disappearing into the bedroom together, it got so angry that it exploded. Yeah, that must have been the reason!

Well... you're right about that brand-new development, because we're not exactly childhood friends :D We first met in an online forum this september and wrote a little back and fourth... and one month ago, we started dating :) At first at a cinema, then in his apartment, and you can probably guess what happened next :P Now that I think about it, this was only our fourth date. Wow. Everything happens so quickly, which is strange because I never had any relationships before and I always thought I was one of those girls who need much, much time for everything. But I was wrong apparently, because everything feels right and we don't even have any awkward moments. Okay, at least not many xD
And I haven't even told anyone about all this except my best friend and my LJ friends. I don't want everyone in my environment to watch eagerly in which direction this relationship will go, because it's overwhelming enough already. I don't even know if I can call him my "boyfriend" yet - but I just do it here because I don't know what other title to give him xD And this may sound like an amazingly stupid thing to ask, but when do you even know that you are "together" with someone, anyway? After the first kiss? After the first sleep-over? After the first "I love you"? Or simply after a certain timespan? It's embarrassing how little I know about real-life relationships...

Wow now I wrote much! Sorry! I behave like a cow in love xD Although I don't really think I'm in love... yet. I mean of course I have a crush on him, but I imagine love to be something much, much bigger. (Something that I don't necessarily want or need right now).

Okay, enough already! I shut up now xD
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