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Mood swings? What mood swings?!

I just noticed - not for the first time - that I have a weird habit.
Each time something is bothering me (and I mean REALLY bothering) or makes me feel bad, I think about posting it here on my journal. About spilling out all my thoughts and feelings, sorting them out and sharing them with the gigantic World Wide Web, with people I don't even know in person.

I formulate the sentences in my head, repeat them again and again so I will still remember them when I get home to my laptop. But you know what? As soon as I arrive home, all that thinking has calmed me down so much already that I don't feel the need anymore to express my turbulent feelings to... anyone. It's as if I already have everything written down. It's done, it's sorted out and dealt with, case closed.

I know that many people - maybe even some of you? - use writing as a sort of self-therapy, for example in a diary. But as it seems, this principle works for me even without actually writing the words down. (And you should be thankful for that because otherwise, I would spam my journal with the self-pitying, pensive, desperate, emotional and sometimes disturbing products of my crazy mind! :D )

So that's it for today, my friends! I'm feeling good again and you should, too! Have a nice day! ^_^