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Why I'm officially badass now

Yesterday, I tried out warm waxing for the first time. (On my right upper thigh, fyi - or what did you think?!) And yes, it hurt, but only half as much as I expected. Maybe I'm weird, but I even found it kind of pleasant - if you pluck your eyebrows, you know what I mean by "satisfying pain". Or if you don't do that, you could also compare it to plucking out a splinter: it hurts, but it feels good to know you're removing the damn thing. It's a little bit like that :D
Anyway, have you ever tried out warm waxing? I tried cold waxing before but it didn't work at all and only irritated my skin. Maybe I did something wrong, I don't know. I contemplated epilating but the thought that it may accidentally grab my skin freaks me out, so that's not an option for me. Depilatory cream always disappoints me because it takes long, sometimes it irritates the skin, you have to do it every day and, worst of all, the results are less than perfect. I've even tried out a thing called "Smooth away vibe" which works a bit like sand paper - you rub it over your skin and it should remove any hairs. I was surprised it worked, but it took SO LONG. Too long to do that every day. So in the end, I always came back to shaving, which is at least efficient, but on the downside, you have to do it every day and my stupid skin gets mad at me when I do it too often.
So I really hope warm waxing is THE solution for me. What about you? Let's share experiences, girls (and boys?)! :D

A few days ago we were hit by a massive heatwave. And when I say massive, I mean massive: almost 30 degrees! Thank God it cooled down again yesterday when I went jogging. I was glad I had a light sport jacket with me. (Did I mention I manage to run half an hour now? I'm lame as a duck, but at least I reach my goal, so go me! xD ) And then I saw the leaves fall down from the trees and it really felt like autumn. Finally! If you visit my LJ frequently (yes, there are indeed people who do that, which is a real ego boost :D ) you have probably already noticed that I changed my profile style to something autumn-y.
Today, it was even cold enough to wear my new winter boots! (the sexy ones) Yes, I think 15 degrees is cold enough for winter boots. I'm so glad it's finally getting colder and that the summer is ending. (I can't believe I just said that.)

And to thank you all for reading my boring babbling, I'll give you a nice little Vampire-Ryo-pic. Here you go - bye! :3

Vampire Ryo