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Girly moments

Just this morning, I said I want the summer to last forever. But now, I can't wait for the cold season to begin!

[How the hell did THAT happen?!]Today, I went shopping for winter shoes with my sister and my mum (no, she didn't pay for us ^^). To cut a long story short: In the end, I had to decide between a pair of gorgeous lace-up ankle boots made of dark greyish-violet suede with VERY high wedge heels (at least for my standards), and a more expensive pair of cute lace-up ankle boots made of brown leather, with shearling lining and medium-high block heels.

It was like a decision between a cute little puppy and a super sexy guy: Absolutely not possible! I felt like no matter which pair I left at the shop, I would regret it afterwards. So what did I do? I simply bought both! xD God, I've become such a girly-girl lately...

So that's it - I finally own my very first high heels! (I'm 70.5 in tall so I never really had the wish to be taller ^^) And I want to wear them now, but it's too warm, damn it!
Who said the summer should last forever?!
I want winter!!



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Sep. 2nd, 2013 11:52 pm (UTC)
You're six and a half inches taller than me.

I want winter too. As lunasariel has put it, "I want there to be a nip in the air!"

This morning when I woke up, it was not only raining, but there was a distinct nip in the air and I thought, "Ooh, maybe I can wear my boots today!" But them the sun came out and it got all warm and muggy.

I totally understand your love for boots and it makes perfect sense to me that you bought both That's what I would have done. I hope you'll be able to walk comfortably in the high-heeled ones. Every time I've gone home with both the cute puppy option and the hot guy option, I always ended up wearing the cute puppy one more often. But in my case, it all depends on how much walking I have to do in a given day.
Sep. 3rd, 2013 12:47 pm (UTC)
Finally! Someone who understands my cute puppy vs. hot guy allegory! My sister finds it stupid and said it doesn't make sense. She probably just never had that problem before! xD

Aww you're small. No offense, I like small people - they are cute! (And they have it easier to find clothes in their size, don't hit their heads so often on various things, are able to wear high-heels without becoming a giant, don't have the problem that so many hot guys are smaller than them... Yeah I must admit I envy you a little :D )

Yeah I had a similar problem yesterday. It looked cold outside but when I checked the temperature, it was nearly 20°C. Far too warm to wear my new winter boots, of course. At least I thought so until I went outside, where these "nearly 20 degrees" felt really cold! And it was windy and rainy! I just don't know what to wear these days...

The only bad thing about my decision to buy both - not that I regret it! - is that now I don't have much money left to buy other winter clothes. Of course my whole wardrobe is more than full, but I need something new (something that my parents will never fully understand).
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