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It's my 18th birthday today! :3

I'm officially an adult now! *cough* Or something like that. :D

And I'm gonna celebrate that with alcohol-free champagne! Yes, you heard right: Alcohol-free champagne for my 18th birthday! Isn't that embarrassing?! xD
Because clever as I am, I got my wisdom teeth removed just a few days ago, which means no alcohol for one week. Usually, I wouldn't mind at all, but an 18th birthday without alcohol is a bit, well... pitiful. xD

Anyways, feel free to gratulate me, or laugh at me, or throw cake at me - or whatever you're in the mood for. :D
See ya!



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Jul. 29th, 2013 03:56 pm (UTC)
Happy Birthday! I never tried alcohol-free champagne, so you'll have to let me know how it was. I would also like a report on your cake, if possible.

Is 18 the drinking age in Germany? The timing on your wisdom teeth removal kind of sucks. But, better to have it over and done with, I suppose, instead of something to dread.

Have a wonderful time and chew your birthday cake carefully!

Big birthday hug from me.
Jul. 29th, 2013 07:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Alcohol-free champagne is actually really tasty. And the good thing is, you can drink as much as you want and won't get drunk xD (except you're like a co-worker of my mum - she doesn't believe that there's no alcohol in it, and gets tipsy just from her imagination when she drinks it! xD)

Actually, I didn't have a birthday cake this year :( It was the first birthday without cake! Normally my mum always bakes me a really cute small marble cake. The problem is that I need gluten-free flour and because we just recently came back from London, there was apparently not enough time to find and buy some, so... I just got lots of smoothies, champagne, red fruit jelly and steak instead :D

Yeah, well with 16 you're already allowed to drink not so hard stuff like wine and beer, but brandy, liquor, vodka etc. is only allowed for 18 and above. (of course, many people start drinking way earlier than 18 or 16 xD Same goes for smoking, which is only allowed for adults who are 18 or above, but many teenagers don't seem to care xD) By the way, it's similar with driving. You can start learning for your drivers licence with 16, but you get it with 17 at the earliest. And then, as long as you're 17, you always have to have one of your parents sit beside you while you're driving xD Driving all on your own is only allowed for adults who are 18 or older.

Yeah I thought so too, that's why I let my remaining two teeth be removed on the same day. It's a bit difficult to eat when I have to be careful on both sides, but that's better than going through the same procedure again xD But eating works already pretty well by now, at least nobody had to chew my steak for me :D what annoys me most is that I can't eat any dairy products, drink no alcohol and do no sports for a whole week. >.<

Thaaaaanks! *.* Oh and a big thank you for your virtual present. That's my first virtual present I ever got! Hooray! :D And I really enjoyed the "champagne" ;D
Jul. 29th, 2013 09:47 pm (UTC)
No dairy either? That means no cheese, or cream in your coffee, or whipped cream on top of your coffee... You are going to be so healthy by the end of the week with no alcohol and dairy.

In Canada we have different drinking ages for different provinces. In Alberta it's 18 but in BC it's 19. No one is allowed to drink younger than the legal age for the province, even though they are allowed to drive. I remember being 18 and just dying to go to nightclubs. My friends and I would spend hours getting all dolled up just to try our luck at the door. I got carded every single time until my 19th birthday, then I never got carded again until one memorable occasion when I was 30. Go figure!

I hope your steak was really tender. Maybe it IS possible to get drunk on de-alcoholized champagne if one drinks enough of it?
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