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I <3 London, baby!

Last night, I came back from London. It was such a great trip! Only 5 days long, but very exciting - and exhausting. It was extremely hot and sunny (I have a sunburn on my head! Argh!) and my feet still hurt from all the sightseeing: London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Shakespear Globe Theatre, Shard, Hyde Park, Speaker's Corner, St. Paul's Cathedral, Greenwich, the Thames, Pubs, the underground ... we saw it all. And still only caught a glimpse of the whole city, I believe!

2013-07-18 19.59.53 2013-07-23 16.52.08 2013-07-18 23.37.52 2013-07-19 19.55.26
But not only the weather was uber-awesome, the whole city is. I think I'm in love with London! From what I experienced, in comparison with the Germans, the English are much more cheerful, more polite, more communicative, more tolerant, more helpful, and in general nicer and more relaxed. They don't complain about everything, they smile more, they don't justle each other around in their infamous queues, and in general they appear less stressed. Everyone has their own style there and nobody stares at you when you e.g. carry around an umbrella against the sun or run around with your wobbly belly exposed (yep, I saw a woman like that and noone seemed to care much xD). Even the homeless were friendlier and wished every passerby a nice weekend! Besides, the city is much more multicultural than Hannover (now I've said it, I live in Hannover). I've never seen so many Asian, Indian and Black people!
2013-07-18 22.32.52 2013-07-18 21.53.49
Oh, and I even spotted a gay couple holding hands. Soo cute! Unfortunately, they walked by pretty fast, so I only caught a blurred photo - but it's better than nothing, right? xD
2013-07-18 22.54.50
Last night, when we went back to Germany by plane (the flight only takes about an hour!), our plane was a bit on delay. And naturally, the complaining among the passengers started instantly. Welcome back to Grumpyland, I thought bitterly. I'm not as glad as usual to be back home - I want to stay in London a little longer! At least we had an airconditioned hotel room there, lol.
But then again, I'm kind of glad that I can relax my poor feet now, that I don't get confused anymore by the strange English traffic (the cars always came from the wrong side! O.O), and that I can spend some time at my laptop again. I didn't have much time for that the last few days and now I feel all pent-up with creative energy that wants to be released.
2013-07-19 13.51.29 2013-07-19 20.00.17 2013-07-18 22.33.10

Oh, and of course I'm also glad to see Steffi again. The little fur-sausage greeted us very enthusiastically last night, running around us, meowing loudly and rubbing her head against our legs. She was so happy and excited to see us, it was the cutest thing ever.
So, well, maybe I am kind of glad to be back after all. And at least I can keep the memories - and everything I bought there (it's much! I think I've never bought so much stuff in another country).
2013-07-24 12.09.13 2013-07-20 18.55.31

And now I think I'm going to go shave Steffi. The poor thing is sweating so much. Kidding, kidding! :D
But I seriously hope the thunderstorms will come soon and make the temperatures go down a little. It's so hot that it's only bearable in bikini top and shorts and with a cold bottle of beer. Phew.

See ya! :)


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Sep. 2nd, 2013 11:45 pm (UTC)
Fur-sausage! LOL!
Sep. 3rd, 2013 12:32 pm (UTC)
It's one of our favourite nicknames for her xD Fur-sausage or fluff-roll is okay too. ^^
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