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BL meme (Part 2)

I can't believe my post was too long for LJ o.O

043. Do you have any friends who are fujoshi in real life?

Yes, my little sister is one (although she likes only romantic BL, no sex scenes). Her best friend is a hardcore fujoshi who helped me get my sister into yaoi xD

044. Do you have interest in the real gay world?
Of course, yes! *O*

045. Have you ever seen gay porn or magazines?
Again: Of course, yes! :D

046. Do you buy the comics? Or do you only read magazines?
I only read the comics.

047. Tell us why, and if you do buy magazines, which ones do you read?
I read no magazines.

048. What's a label you read most from?

049. Can you read BL manga openly in a bookstore?
Depends on the bookstore: We have an anime bookstore here that has lots of yaoi mangas, so naturally there are lots of manga and yaoi fans - I wouldn't mind reading a BL manga there. As for a larger bookstore full of older people where there is only a little corner with some BL titles - probabl

050. Where do you buy your BL manga?
Amazon forever! \o/

051. On average, how much do you spend on BL manga a month?
Idk, but not much - I have a few favourites that I read over and over again *cough* FAKE *cough* but apart from that, I sometimes lend mangas from a friend or start reading them online (shame on me), and since many of them quickly get boring, I don't even feel the need to finish them, let alone buy them.

052. Do you buy based on the cover?
Not only. It's the cover plus the title that attracts my attention, of course, so it should look interesting and there shouldn't be a girly uke on it xD But it's the description that really matters to me.

053. Is there a Mangaka whose works you will buy without fail?
Nope. Although... maybe Sanami Matoh, her work is always so funny :D But there hasn't been much new stuff from her lately, if I'm not mistaken.

054. Do you like or dislike it when a female appears in a BL manga?
I mostly either like the female characters or I don't give a damn about them xD E.g., I really liked that girl in "Our road of no return", even though she complicated everything xD
Besides, I guess you already know that I like the females in FAKE (who doesn't? :D). Especially Diana who gave Ryo the right push at just the right moment. Thanks, Diana! ^_^

055. In school settings, what's a club activity you like for the setting?
I don't care. Depending on the story, every club activity could be either boring or exciting, I guess.

056. How about cosplaying in stories?
Noooo, definitely not my thing!

057. Are there any uniforms or clothing that is a turn on?
Hell yeah! I like any kind of uniforms, especially from the military, the police, or similar ones. Besides, as I said: Leather clothes, white (or black) dress shirts, tight jeans... oh, and BOOTS! *-*

058. Gakuran or Blazer?
Oh God I like both... but maybe... I like Blazer a tad more. Or whatever suits the person better xD

059. How about incest?
Not always a turn-on, but sometimes. (I just say: Ouran Highschool Host Club! *-*)

060. Do you like reversible uke/semes?
That would be a big fat YESSS! *-*

061. What about animal sex?
Hell no, what's wrong with you? o.O

062. What's a location for good H scenes?
Hmmm... *grin* I like anything with water involved. And / or dark locations. Oh, or locations where they could be caught! That's always hot, hehe. ;3

063. Do you prefer rough, REAL art, or pretty and elegant art?

064. What kind of underwear do you prefer to see?
Lol these questions xD Tight briefs, of course!!

065. Do you have any height preferences?
I like it when both are somewhat equally tall.

066. Do you like two old guys together?
How old is "old"? Well, the older I get, the more do I prefer adults to teenagers, but apart from that - as long as they have no grey hair and wrinkles, I'm okay with it xD

067. What about old guys being the uke and young guys being the seme?
Only if the age difference is not too big. Because then the age doesn't really matter anymore, anyway. :P

068. What about Shota?
*flees* Keep away that child porn, you disgusting creep! >.<

069. What about gang bangs?
HOT! Of course not romantic at all, so only if I'm in the right mood xD

070. Name a Seme character you thought was really hot and why.
Hm.... I think I'll tell you not one, but a few because if I post only the obvious, it would be boring xD
Bad boy style Ryu portrait Asami.Ryuichi.full.450407
Dee from FAKE: For a thousand reasons! Surprise, surprise! :D
Ryu from Tight Rope: Not only hot, but cute as well! He reminds me of Dee sometimes, only that he's even more childish. ^^
Asami from Viewfinder: He's an asshole, at least in my opinion, but even I can't deny that he's hot!

071. Name an Uke character you really liked and why.
Same here :D
fake_v5_036 Tsuzuki.Asato.full.106275 sw Naoki
Ryo from FAKE: Gotta love him. Best uke ever! *-*
Tsuzuki from Yami no Matsuei: I just love him! But is he seme or uke? xD
Naoki from Tight Rope: Because he's not a wimpy whiny uke boy! ;)

072. Do you like mangas that don't have a happy end?

073. If you were a gay guy, would you be uke or seme?
I think I'd be uke, but I'd like to play seme from time to time as well ;)



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Jul. 21st, 2013 07:55 pm (UTC)
My sister is new to BL, she has only been into it for about a year now~ I have been a BL fan for like ever OTL (I'm in my 30's now and started reading BL when I was 19! Fake was also my first ever BL)

Sanami Matoh has new Fake Doujinshi out! I am hoping it gets scanlated soon~ I need my Dee/Ryo fix ^.^~♥

I so should have featured Dee and Ryo on my post OTL what was I thinking forgetting my boys?!?! *sulks*

So you would be a reversi! I love switch relationships, I always love to read about Ryo topping Dee so I like to think of them as Reversi (plus there are plenty Fake fics that help fuel my fantasies!! xD)
Aug. 4th, 2013 11:19 pm (UTC)
Oh God, I can't believe I haven't replied yet! D: How time flies...

Anyways, is your sister (already) used to, urm, graphic scenes? xD Because I think I traumatized my poor sister with Sensitive Pornograph xD She likes only fluff.

Really? Yay! *jumps excitedly around* Do you know what it will be called? And when it will be scanlated? Oh and PLEASE let me know if you find a scanlation somewhere *__*

I love Reversi too! I dearly hope to see a doujinshi someday with Ryo topping Dee *-* And you're so right about fanfiction xD
Mar. 24th, 2014 09:34 pm (UTC)
I know this is old, but I just wanted to say that I always imagined Tsuzuki as an uke.
Well, I guess that's inaccurate because I think he would play-fight Hisoka for dominance, cuz they seem to have that kind of relationship, and they would switch off. But he's the uke most often.
Mar. 25th, 2014 11:47 am (UTC)
Hehe - that's true. They're probably both versatile to some degree :D
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