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BL Meme :3 (Part 1)

Hey guys, many greetings to you all from London! But before I'll bore you all to death with details from my journey, it's meme time! :3
I snatched this cool meme from anjichan's journal. Feel free to do it, too. :)
So here we go!
(If anyone of my friends or family ever reads this, I'll be dead for sure xD )

001. What is your username and today's date?
My username is AwieAtti (how stupid xD) and today's date is the 20th of July 2013.

002. How old are you, approximately?
Nearly 18! (my b-day is in 9 days OMG *.*)

003. Who are your favorite BL Mangakas?
Ayano Yamane and Sanami Matoh.

004. What are some good BL mangas you've read lately?
I have to admit that I haven't read many mangas recently, but the last ones were Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Yokozawa Takafumi no Baii (the only couple in Sekaiichi Hatsukoi that I like! xD), Tight Rope (short, sweet and very recommendable!) and Under Grand Hotel.

005. Do you prefer serious or comedy?
If I have to choose, then comedy. But only if the humour is good. If it isn't, I get bored and will rather read serious stuff - with action, angst, suspense and all that jazz. To be honest, I love mangas that have both, seriousness and comedy!

006. Name a manga that made you cry?
That would be FAKE, oh surprise xD Some scenes are just so touching that I always loose a few tears while reading them. Yami no Matsuei made me cry, too (but I didn't read the manga but watched the anime, so I'm not sure if that counts?)
Oh and I seriously cried my eyes out in the ending of Absolute Boyfriend and Death Note. God, that was awful xD But that's not even BL, so it probably doesn't count.

007. Name a manga that made you laugh?
FAKE, Tight Rope, Kizuna, Until the full moon, Yami no Matsuei, ...

008. What kind of Seme characters do you like?
I like the cool, distant and protective type as well as the pushy and cocky type. I also have a faible for funny and childish semes. He can even be a little arrogant, as long as he respects and cares for his partner (at least to some degree).

009. What kind of Uke characters do you like?
I like manly and grown-up ukes that are cute nevertheless.

010. What kind of Seme character do you DISLIKE?
Semes that just use their partner, look down on him and don't have any romantic feelings for him. E.g. rapists. So not cool!

011. What kind of Uke characters do you DISLIKE?
Whiny, girly ukes that don't have any flaws (apart from being annoying, of course) >.<

012. What kind of setting is a turn on?
Rough and dark settings with a hint of danger. Sexy! I also like historical settings.
Oh, and I love settings with water, may it be rain, a shower or the ocean, lol.

013. What kind of setting is a turn off?
I'm not so much into school settings. But that depends on the story. With the right story and characters, every setting becomes a turn-on, lol.

014. What do you think about mangas that don't have any "H" aspects?
I read mangas mainly for the story, not for the sex. Of course it's a bit disappointing if there's a cute couple and you never get to see some *beep* scenes with them, but I can live with that. And sometimes, sex scenes can even destroy a good story if they are not "appropriate" in some way.

015. Do you like Younger semes?
Yep, age doesn't really matter that much in my opinion.

016. Do you like clumsy, cowardly semes?
No, but I don't like clumsy, cowardly ukes either! :D

017. Do you like school settings?
Not my favourite setting, but as I said, it depends on the story. :)

018. Do you like macho men?
Only to some degree.

019. Do you like long-haired guys?
YES! :)

020. Do you like girly boys?
NO! >.<

021. Do you like S&M stories?
A big Yes! But only as long as there is no blood, because that's a bit too much for me and not sexy anymore xD

022. What mangaka's H scenes do you really like?
Yamano Amane draws some really good H scenes! So does Mika Sadahiro (mangaka of Under Grand Hotel).

023. Is there an H scene you particularly liked?
Oh, hehe... that's difficult because there are plenty xD

024. What is a turn on in an H scene?
It shouldn't be rape, but I don't mind if the uke struggles a bit in the beginning so that he has to be seduced before the fun can start, hehe.

025. Are you okay with realistically drawn H scenes?
I think so, yes.

026. In manga H scenes, what positions do you like most?
Difficult, difficult! That totally depends on my mood. And on the characters, the setting, the situation, the story...

027. What do you think of masochists?
Nope, not my cup of tea.

028. What do you think about leg hair?
029. What about armpit hair?
030. What about pubic hair?
It's okay if it's not too much, but I prefer my yaoi hairless xD

031. Do you read BL novels?
A big YES! I read more BL novels than mangas! :D

032. Do you listen to BL drama CDs?
Very, very rarely. I prefer seeing / reading stuff to only hearing it.

033. Who are you favorite BL seiyuus?
As if I could remember all those japanese names! xD

034. Are there any manga besides BL that you enjoy?
Yes: Absolute Boyfriend is amazing! As for animes, I like Death Note, Elfenlied, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Hetalia, Tora Dora and Black Butler.

035. Did you ever have non-canon pairings for the above manga?
Absolutely! xD Light and L from Death Note would be the perfect couple! So would be Ciel and Sebastian from Black Butler, or Kyouya and Tamaki from Ouran (love!). Of course, I also love Hetalia yaoi (who doesn't? :D).

036. Do you fantasize about real people?
Sometimes, yes.

037. Have you ever played BL games?
Nope, but I think I would enjoy it. It's just that I want to do different things with my time and money than play games. *sigh*

038. How long have you been a fujoshi?
I call myself a fan, although there's probably no huge difference. Anyways, I've been into yaoi and animanga in general for about two years now (it all started in Summer / autumn 2011 *-*)

039. What triggered you into becoming a fujoshi?
Well, there was a time when everyone on youtube talked about yaoi (at least it seemed like that to me), so I did some research and found out what it was. But since I wasn't really into animanga at that point, I didn't go any further (although I always had a certain fascination for animanga and gay guys). In summer 2011, two friends showed me Elfenlied and got me interested in anime. And as I searched for animes to watch at home, I remembered yaoi again, found the lovely website "Yaoikiss" and started to watch OVAs there. Soon, I started to read the mangas that belonged to the OVAs, too - my first one was FAKE, and that was what really got me into BL! :D

040. What makes you feel like you are a fujoshi?
Fujoshi means rotten girl in japanese, and I am a rotten girl - it's that easy! xD

041. What is your fetish?
Male shoulders, chest muscles, nipples, butts, tight jeans, white dress shirts, leather clothes, suits, or just any kind of uniforms... *major nosebleed* Okay, enough!

042. If you see BL manga magazines, what kind of description would make you want to purchase it?
Hm, I've never bought a BL manga magazine, so I don't really know.



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Jul. 21st, 2013 07:45 pm (UTC)
OMG! omg! You're not only a FAKE fangirl but a Trifecta fangirl too?! *just died and gone to heaven* I don't know if you follow my LJ, it is full of Fake and Trifecta as my all time top OTPs! I get excited to easily OTL;

While reading your answers it got me thinking of the kind of BL you like and I know you mentioned a school setting is not always a turn on for you, but my other all time favourite BL series is the Warui Series by Sakaraga Mei there are 12vols so far and it is still on-going, but I highly recommend that series. Also if you like Ayano Yamane, have you checked out anything by Yoneda Kou?

Yay for another AGUY (anti girly uke yaoi)! ♥

and now I am just noticing this is only part 1! Off to read the next part~ XD
Aug. 4th, 2013 11:29 pm (UTC)
Lol well I'm very new to the Trifecta fandom. But I like it so far :D Yeah I follow your LJ, but I think I haven't seen anything about Trifecta yet. You have so many fandoms xD Well, I think I should just go and search for it :D
By the way, why is it called Trifecta? It has nothing to do with horse racing, right? xD

I've never heard of the Warui series and Yoneda Kou (shame on me), but I'll definitely check both out. Waaah so much to read!! It's good that I have so much freetime at the moment :D

AGUY all the way! ^_^ There's a community called like that, right? I always wanted to join but never could because of my age ;_; But hey, I just remembered that now I'm old enough! :D God I'm not used yet to being 18... xD
( 2 comments — Leave a comment )