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Fanfiction set to music

Hey guys, I'm quickly stopping by before I go jogging (finally the rain has stopped!), to post something that I wanted to show you for some time now, but I always forgot about it. brit_columbia, maybe you remember that I once mentioned that I had found several song titles that matched the titles of your fanfics. I don't blame you if you don't remember because it's already, like, a year ago? :'D Sorry that I made you wait for so long! I wanted to make a video with the songs and even started it, but somehow I never finished it. And since it seems like this video will never ever get finished, I'll just post a list of the songs here.
Enjoy! :)
[>> Fanfiction Soundtrack Here <<]
_41625134_nicoatridge_nysunr A new day: Lena - Touch a new day //  Zack Berkman - Start a new day

Bad boy colour Sexy Boys: Air - Sexy Boy

justice Justice: Rev Theory - Justice

Raspberry smoothie Take Me Home: Danko Jones - Take me home  //  John Denver - Take me home, country roads

blue frosting Blueberry Stud-Muffin: Untunes - Blueberry Muffins

stehaufmaennchen Stand-Up Guy: T.I. - Stand-Up Guy

Ice cream2 Ice Cream: Lady Gaga - Dirty Ice Cream  //  Blood on the dancefloor - Scream For My Ice Cream

The secret Your Secret's Safe With Me: One Love - Your Secret's Safe With Me

Golden - icon Look At Me: Christian Bautista - The Way You Look At Me

heatwave Heat Wave: The New Cities - Heat Wave  // Thia Megia - Heat Wave

fast in new york Driven: Rush - Driven

NYPD car 2 Keep It Down: GreensKeepers feat. Colette - Keep It Down

frustration Sweet Frustration: Audiovent - Sweet Frustration

chocolate cake heart Better Than Cake: Raimee - More than Cake

Fake logo animation (not a specific fanfic, but still...) FAKE: Simply Red - Fake

I hope you like them! :P


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Aug. 26th, 2013 10:22 pm (UTC)
How did I miss this? How COULD I have missed this? I've got to do something about how I receive notifications from LJ.

This song list is awesome! I'm going to listen to it tonight while my husband is out at his class, and try to get into the mood of each song while picturing Dee and Ryo. You also got some amazing icons. I think my favorite is the blueberry muffin one. Damn, now I want cake!

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