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120 icons for you! :)

I made 120 icons for you - time to go icon shopping! :D
Feel free to use them, but I'd be happy if you credit me. Oh, and please tell me if you like them :)

120 icons - wallpaper
[120 icons for you!]
American boys - icon And a little bit of that - icon And a little bit of that - icon2 At your service - icon Bad, bad - icon - animation - small Bad, bad - icon
Bang bang Dee - icon Bang bang Ryo - icon Best friends - icon Bikky & Carol colour - icon Carnal - icon Carol grumpy - icon Carol vintage - icon Catwoman Alicia - icon Christmas ball Bikky - icon Christmas ball Carol - icon Christmas ball Dee - icon Christmas ball Diana - icon Christmas ball Rose - icon Christmas ball Ryo - icon Coffee break - icon Cuteness - icon Dafuq - icon - animation - small Dafuq - icon Dee Laytner - icon - without text Dee Laytner - icon Dee portrait V5 - icon Dee portrait V7 - icon Dee's dreams - icon Desire - icon Devil Dee - icon FAKE colourful - icon Fake logo bunt disco animation Fake lol - icon fake_v1_062 kiss coloured - icon First volume cover - icon Flowers - icon - posterize Flowers - icon Forever - icon Game over - icon Ghost Drake - icon Ghoul Smith - icon Golden - icon

Good morning - icon Grimreaper Rose - icon Ha - icon Happy New Year - icon Hi to your face - icon Highfive - icon

How it should be - icon I like you - icon I love FAKE - icon I love shower stories I missed you, Dee - icon I'm begging you - icon I'm sexy and I know it - icon In your face - icon JJ attacks - icon JJ OMFG - icon Jump - icon - animation - small Jump - icon keep calm and read FAKE Kiss loading - icon Kiss on the roof - icon Leave pillow alone - icon Leaves - icon Let's make this a real thank you - icon Lips like sugar - icon - glitter - small Lips like sugar - icon Lol - icon Lonely - icon Lovers - icon MEGA-CHIEF - icon moderne Kunst - iconMusic in me New York's finest Nooo - icon Nooo WTF - icon Not as dumb as I am pretty - icon Not listening - icon One moment - icon

  Opposites attract - icon Parental Advisory fucking sexy - icon Parental Advisory yaoi content - icon Partners - icon Pumpkin Bikky - icon Roses are red... - icon Ruling NYC sw with font - icon Ryo - icon Ryo Maclean - icon - without text Ryo Maclean - icon Ryo portrait V4 - icon Ryo portrait V6 - icon Shocked - icon Skeleton JJ - icon Sleepless - icon Smooch - icon Super hornball - icon Tea time - icon The killer with the axe - icon The literal ROFL The most flauschige Manga ever - icon The night is still young - icon The truth - icon The truth invertiert - icon Together Torn - icon True love stories - icon Try to kiss - icon - colour Vampire Diana - icon Vampire Ryo - icon Vegetarian - icon Wassup - Yo - icon We aim to please Werewolf Ted - icon WHOA! - icon Witch Carol - icon Yaoi alert - icon You're from this afternoon - icon Zombie Jim - icon

Please don't kill me because of how crappy I arranged the pics ;_; It took me hours to make (literally) because I'm so untalented xDD LJ does really make me aggressive sometimes >.<
Anyways, enjoy! (Yes, that was an order!!) ^^



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Jun. 17th, 2013 08:33 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for making these icons! I'm totally going to go icon shopping, but not now because I have to get back to work.
Jun. 17th, 2013 09:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Incredible!
Sure thing! I'm glad that you like them. Don't forget to tell me which are your favourites :)
Jun. 23rd, 2013 03:18 am (UTC)
I took this one, and this is just for starters. I'll grab a few more when I come back from the gym. I'm so excited about all these cool new icons!
Jun. 24th, 2013 02:53 pm (UTC)
That's a particularly sweet pic you chose there, if I dare say so myself. Feel free to grab as many as you like. I'm glad that you like them so much! :)
I wish I could upload more user icons as well, but then I would need a payed LJ account, and with my little pocket money... well, no. xD
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