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A very gay song contest :3

Did you know that about every fifth person who watches the Eurovision Song Contest is not hetero? At least that's what I read somewhere :D

But no matter if that's true or not, there where certainly some gay moments during the ESC yesterday. (And by that, I don't mean the moments when my sister said "Oh look, I bet he's gay!", because she said that a lot! As a compliment, of course. xD)

Our first happy-squeal-moment was the performance of Finland. The song was called "Marry me" and even though it was a bit stupid and musical-like, it was funny to watch. And the lesbian kiss in the end was a real surprise! (And a worldwide scandal, it seems - rumor has it that Turkey didn't participate this year just because of this kiss!)

Esc 2013 azerbaijan 2 Esc 2013 azerbaijan 3
Another very cute performance was the show of Azerbaijan. In the beginning, there where only the singer and a dancer, seperated by a glass box. Okay, later on, there was also a female dancer, but hey, who cares? My sister and I instantly began to think up a romantic love triangle story involving the three performers ;D

The singer of Transylvania - sorry, Romania - did not only look like Dracula that came directly from Christopher Street Day (the funny thing is that this day was yesterday as well! :D), he also had an extremely high voice! Much higher than the voices of most of the female singers, actually! My father instantly called him the "castrated vampire". Well, I liked him. :D

esc 2013 kiss
Probably the best performance of the night: The song in which Sweden portrayed itself was not only very funny, it also had the best kiss in it! It was one of those "Awwww!"-moments for me and my sister (our father just looked a bit bewildered by the kiss and our reaction, haha! xD). The kiss should demonstrate that gay marriage is legal in Sweden since 2009 and make aware of the gay community.

You're probably wondering what this pic has to do with the ESC. Well, nothing really, but I made it during the voting, when we had to wait until the winner was announced. It was relaxing :D

So all in all, the ESC was again really enjoyable! I'm glad that we watched it even though what the newspaper said about the performances didn't sound very promising. So we were positively surprised. Well, no song was extraordinarily good, but no song was really bad either. Even the German performance with Cascada wasn't as terrible as I remembered it - but I'm still glad that we didn't get into the top 10.
And in the end, Denmark won - which had been the favourite of many experts all along, anyway. I'm totally fine with that. I guess this year was the first time that I didn't care at all who would win. And I'm just glad that Greece didn't win, even though their show was great, but they don't have the money to host the ESC next year.
So, I'm looking forward to the ESC 2014, in Denmark! :D


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May. 31st, 2013 07:53 pm (UTC)
Your dad is probably wondering why his daughters are so happy when they see gay kisses on TV!
Jun. 1st, 2013 02:22 pm (UTC)
Absolutely! He doesn't get it at all, haha :D
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