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So... I published a book

After one year of writing, one year of editing and half a year of writing mails to literary agents (they told me I write well, but no German publishing house would ever publish a fantasy young adult novel with a gay protagonist), I finally published my novel "Raven House" on Amazon! :D I never wanted to be a selfpublisher, but oh well - you don't always get what you wish for, right? And I can't really complain; after all, I've already sold more than 200 copies in the last 1,5 months! :D

You can find my book here:

It's in German, unfortunately, but I'm currently working on an English translation! Maybe I'll have more luck with English or American publishing houses than those in Germany. The only problem is: I can't afford a professional translator so I'm doing the translation on my own - which isn't optimal, since you would normally translate texts from the foreign language to your first language, not the other way around.

So maybe there are any English native speakers here who would like to proofread my translated novel? It would mean the world to me! :)
Just to give you a first impression of what the book is about, here is the blurb:

A vampire, a werewolf and a lost memory - can that work out?

Five is a loner by nature and just wants his peace and quiet. But Vlad, the new boy in the class, relentlessly tries to befriend him. Vlad is annoying, but somehow also lovable - and he is a vampire. A vampire who has lost his memory and gets chased by vampire hunters. Something terrible must have happened in his past - something that the vampire hunters want to keep a secret at all costs, so they try everything to get rid of witnesses like Vlad.
Involuntarily, Five gets drawn into the world of vampires and werewolves until he too gets caught in the crosshairs of the hunters. So he tries to help Vlad recover his memory. In their dangerous search for clues not only the hunters try to stop them, but also the police and even an international secret service. In a world full of enemies, the two unequal companions have to learn what trust, friendship and love really mean.

And yes, there is a gay romance story between Vlad and Five, I can already tell you this much ;)
So if anyone is interested in proofreading my translation (or knows someone else I could ask), please just leave me a comment or send me a private message! Thank you so much in advance! :)

Lady with the butterfly (aka me)

Why I've been so quiet lately...

I had this whole entry already typed out and then LJ didn’t save it. Ugh, that sucks.

Anyways, here I go again trying to explain why I have somehow stopped being active on Livejournal, if anyone is even still following me and is wondering where I’ve been.

[Here’s why...]2017 has literally changed my life. I finished my apprenticeship as a bookseller, moved in with my boyfriend of 2 years to end the tiresome struggles of a long-distance relationship, worked full-time and then started studying literature and philosophy. I got obsessed with some new fandoms (Yuuri on Ice!!!), got back into some old fandoms (Harry Potter and the wonderful Raised by Wolves book series by W.A. Hoffman), attended numerous funerals and we adopted two cats. I found some awesome new friends, started a German blog, tried out some new hobbies, resumed some old hobbies (drawing!!!) and stayed in touch with my sister abroad. And that was only a small synopsis but I won’t bother you with any more details.

All in all, real life kept me pretty busy in 2017. I was afraid I wouldn’t find any friends here in my new home because I’m quite shy and not very outgoing, but oh boy, I have found the best friends ever at university. They love reading and writing own stories just as much as I do, we are passionate about the same things and have so much in common. I never had friends like that, except for one good friend who sadly lives far away from me. I wish everyone in this world will someday experience the friendship of such loyal, kind and like-minded people.

On the downside though, all that private reading and writing as well as reading and learning for university is putting a strain on my time management. I abandoned some old hobbies and habits because I don’t have time for them anymore – or rather, because they are not important enough for me right now. And LJ is one of those things I abandoned, even though I once loved it. It used to be my safe haven, my playground and one of my favorite internet places where I could interact with like-minded FAKE fans. I found some good friends here and I still love you all. But after experiencing more love, joy and friendship in real life than I ever had before, I hate to say this, but: the real thing is simply better than anything the internet could ever offer. Even though there are some really awesome people here on LJ, I prefer the real people, real love, real life. I'm sorry to let you down like that.

And besides, I must admit I’m not so very excited about FAKE anymore, which was my main reason to be active on LJ. After many years of worshipping it like no fandom ever before, I’m just a little bit worn out with it. Not only because the fandom isn't very active or because it's always so tiresome to get new doujinshi scans (and then they are in Japanese! Argh!), but simply because my FAKE obsession went on for so long and now it has finally cooled down. Maybe because my life is so saturated with love right now that I don't need romantic mangas anymore to satisfy my cravings. Don’t get me wrong, I still love FAKE and I’m sure I will return to it someday and the love and obsession for it will hit me again with full force (because this is always the way with fandoms), but for the time being, I’ve had enough.

So in short, I’m not dead, I'm just busy and in love with my life right now. I don’t know what the future will bring and maybe I will return to LJ one day, but not today. At the very least, I will pay it a visit from time to time, just because it holds some fond memories for me - and I like to see what you are all up to every now and then.

I hope you understand.
Poor Drake

Youtube deleted my video! What?!!

Maybe you still remember my video where I combined the FAKE drama CD audio with the manga scenes? Youtube deleted it!! *cries*
This is their explanation:

Which is kinda stupid because we all know (even if you haven't seen my video) that the first love scene in FAKE was pretty harmless, especially compared to all those disgusting soft porn music videos youtube ALLOWS. (Seriously, you can't listen to any song these days without being subjected to wiggling boobs and asses and gross lyrics about girls swallowing semen.)

Do you think I should fight back and demand that youtube puts my video up again? After all, I put a lot of effort into that video and it had thousands of views and lovely comments so people apparently liked it...
Yuri on Ice: Victuuri Love

5 Reasons to watch "Yuri!!! on Ice"

I'm sure you heard about this huge hype going on about "Yuri!!! on Ice", this (b)romantic ice figure skating anime. Looks just like "Free!", only the pool is frozen, right? Well, not exactly...

[5 Reasons to watch YOI]

5) The characters are pure gold.
Yuri Katsuki is a professional ice figure skater who messed up in a competition after the death of his beloved pet dog. He also struggles with anxiety (which is portrayed very realistically in every episode). But things change when his idol, Viktor Nikiforov, turns up in Japan and announces to become his coach...
Everyone, not only the main characters, has their own style, backstory, personality, flaws, strengths and weaknesses. Yes, they all compete against each other, but they are also a big group of friends that support one another. (Almost) all of them are adults and thus behave like adults (most of the time, anyways). They talk about their problems, play fair and don't make a fuss about everything. I also noticed that there are surprisingly many and well-written female characters in the cast.

4) The producers know what they are doing.
Yes, you can actually learn a thing or two about ice figure skating here. The choreographies and outfits were designed by professionals, so it's all "real". Which is why many ice figure skaters watch Yuri!!! on Ice and like it. Some of the characters are even based on real life figure skaters.
Yuzuru Hanyu

3) The animation is simply beautiful.
I usually don't care a lot about the animation as long as I like the story, but if the animation is beautiful, I won't complain either. So that's a big plus here.

2) One word: Vikturi.
Usually, (b)romantic animes with pretty, bishie-type protagonists are either yaoi or they include only fanservice without anything really going on (which I personally find frustrating as hell). YOI is neither. There is definitely something going on between Yuri and Viktor (yes, they are in love) but that alone doesn't classify the whole anime as yaoi. There's real chemistry, subtext and lots of hugging instead of smooching, porn scenes and plain, corny love confessions. It's much more subtile. And even though I'm a fujoshi and I love yaoi and shonen ai, I found it very refreshing to watch a love story unfold to casually between these two. Yuri!!! on Ice is a sports anime first, and a love story second. That in itself isn't unusual for a sports anime (there's always kind of a love story, right?), but the fact that it's a gay relationship makes YOI so special. Some even call it revolutionary.

1) Overall, it just makes you happy!
Yes, serious issues play a role in Yuri!!! on Ice, mainly the pressure of the competition, the different struggles of the competitors and Yuri's anxiety. Of course, the relationship between Yuri and Viktor isn't always perfect, either. It's not just sunshine and rainbows. But nevertheless, I've never watched such an uplifting anime. It has lots of inspirational, funny and happy moments, without being silly or childish. Seeing the main characters grow and get up every time they fall down is so motivating. And the opening song is so joyful you can't stop replaying it. Overall, Yuri!!! on Ice just makes you happy, and that alone makes it re-watchable.

Blushies :3

8 Reasons to look forward to FAKE BSP 7 & 8

Yes, apparently Back Stage Pass 7 and 8 are out!! More FAKE doujinshis! Yay!! *O*
I couldn't get my impatient fangirl paws on the copies (or the scans) yet, but at least I found a few pages that look verrrry interesting...

[Not safe for work]8 Reasons to look forward to the new doujinshis:

#8 Dee and Ryo as waiters OMG

#7 Blushing, insecure Dee is sooo cute :3
Blushing Dee

#6 ...but Dee in Badass-Here-I-come-Seme-mode is hot, too

#5 The cover is KAWAII <33

#4 Shower sex, yesssss!
Shower Sex

#3 Light bondage!?!! (If you look closely, Ryo's hands are tied *-* )

#2 Three words: Dee - In - Glasses

#1 THIS.
FAKE disco avatar

Backstage Pass 8!?

A few hours ago, East End Club posted this link on Facebook:
(scroll down to see the front page of Backstage Pass 8!)

I think I kinda lost track of how many Backstage Passes and Sidestories there are... :'D

Oh, merry christmas, by the way! :)
Lol Rofl  (for Pyreflysky :D)

JJ's House

I was just looking for some nice new dancing shoes when I stumbled upon something worth sharing.

So apparently there's a website called JJ's House.
Apparently, this website is selling shoes.
Fancy shoes.
And really fancy dresses.

Guys, I'm dying. This is too hilarious!
Lady with the butterfly (aka me)

#100 Things That Make Me Happy

So apparently there's a tag floating around the internet and when you're tagged, you need to write down 100 things that make you happy. I wasn't tagged but I decided to play along anyways! We need to focus more on the positive things in life, right? :D
So without further ado...

[100 Things That Make Me Happy]
My Boyfriend
My Family
My Best Friends
Standard Dancing
Latin Dancing
Purring Cats
Duck Couples
Clumsy Penguins
Untouched Nature
Awesome Action Movie Scenes
Awesome Soft Porn Scenes
Porn in general
Awesome Fandoms (FAKE, Harry Potter, Avatar, ...)
Perfectly Fitting Bras
Matching Underwear
Freshly shaved legs
Good hair days
Tight, Never Ending Hugs
Sex (duh)
Eskimo Kisses
Kisses in general
Perfect Nail Polish
Making Lists
Summer Heat
Wearing Pretty Clothes
Riding my bicycle down a hill at full speed
A Perfectly Round, Golden Pancake
Anything with Cinnamon
Christmas Sweets
Wrapping Presents
Unwrapping Presents
Gay Pride Parades
Travelling And Exploring
Laughing about dumb jokes
Talking All Night
Driving at full speed on an empty highway
Costume Partys
Vanilla Scent
Apple Pie
Christmas Spirit
The First Snow Of The Year
The First Glimpse of the Ocean when walking down a Beach
Being Completely Engulfed By A Book
Being „in the flow“ while writing
Asian Food
Mediterranean Food
Walking Barefoot
Running and chasing each other like children
Snowball Fights
Waking up in his arms
Editing a really good video
Loud Music
Childhood Memories
Funny Old Photos
Old Toys
New Toys *wink*
Going To The Cinema
Sleeping in
Having cleaned and tidied up my room (not the process of doing it)
Being Early For Work
Unexpectantly getting to leave a few hours early
Nice Customers
Lazy Sundays
Really thick, warm socks
Sleeping Naked
The First Flowers In Spring
Making People Laugh
Being on the same wave length with someone
Projects that I put all my heart into
Learning something new
The smell of sunscreen
Feeling inspired
Finding the perfect pair of shoes
The Full Moon
Good Parodies
Being alone at home every once in a while
Freshly brewed tea
Getting Rid Of Old Stuff
Taking A Really Good Selfie
Playing The Sims
Lighting Candles
The internet and all the oppertunities it offers us
My internet friends!

And I tag... Everyone! Because it's fun and I think every person should have such a list! :D
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